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The best hair tools, reviews, and tutorials by Florida beauty blogger Ashley Brooke Nicholas. 

How I Curl My Hair

This post is sponsored by Suave Professionals. I still remember the first time I tried to curl my hair. After waiting for the curling iron to warm up, I haphazardly wrapped a thin lock of hair around the iron’s hot surface and let it sit for about 30 seconds. For a moment, I thought that I was a doing a…


How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

 There’s nothing better than walking out of a salon with freshly blown out hair. For years I tried to imitate my hair stylist’s signature blow dry techniques, but I always ended up with poofy, messy locks and a round brush stuck in my hair. Thankfully after hearing my hair horror stories, my stylist took pity on me and gave me a…


Party Perfect Curls for The Holidays

I’m one of those girls who is constantly working on about a dozen things at once. For example, this weekend I had to attend a last minute holiday party with my husband, and I needed to finish a blog post, throw together an outfit, wrap a gift for the hostess, and finish my hair and makeup in a little over an…


october favorites

First and foremost, I truly hope that all of my East Coast friends are ok! I’m originally from Florida, so I know that hurricanes are not fun. I’ll definitely be keeping you and your families in my prayers this week! And now on to my favorites 🙂  Gilly Hicks Hastings Blush Eau de Toilette: I can’t get enough of this body spray.…