Rainbow Smoothie Recipe

My mom taught me an easy trick when I was young to teach me how to create a healthy meal. She told me that as long as I ate foods from every color of the rainbow each day, I’d get all of the vitamins and minerals I needed. I still try to follow the rainbow rule, […]



How to Earn Money Online with CoSign

I spend a lot of time on social media- like a crazy amount of time. I'm constantly scrolling through the my friends' and favorite bloggers' feeds to get some inspiration, and I inevitably find a few … [Read More...]


How to Heal Your Dry Skin

I'm kind of extremely high maintenance when it comes to moisturizers. I need a product that will calm and soothe my dry, irritated skin, but most hydrating lotions leave my skin slick and sticky. I … [Read More...]


Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2015

Lilly Pulitzer's bright colors, fun patterns, and timeless designs never disappoint, but this spring's collection is particularly fabulous. A few weeks ago I stopped by the Winter Park Lilly Pulitzer … [Read More...]


The Best Valentine’s Day Sales

Thanks to for sponsoring today's post. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day celebrating the love that's in your life, but it can often become a day to max out your credit card. … [Read More...]


$400 Giveaway

Today I've teamed up with 19 of my friends to giveaway a $400 gift card to one lucky reader! The winner will be able to choose the e-gift of their choice or $400 cash via Paypal! The contest is open … [Read More...]


My Everyday Makeup Routine

I was compensated for this shop by Collective Bias, Inc. on behalf of Neutrogena for this #NewNeutrogena campaign #AD #Collectivebias. All opinions are mine alone. #NewNeutrogena … [Read More...]