Lilly Pulitzer Willow Dress in Rosemary Beach, Florida

Summer in Lilly

I read an article earlier this week about why women love Lilly Pulitzer, and it reminded me of the countless conversations I had with friends during my time in LA. Los Angeles may be sunny, but the women at my school preferred muted minimalist fashion to bright Lilly prints.


A Romantic Weekend in Rosemary Beach

Photo by The Southern Atelier
My husband and I recently made a pact to plan a weekend getaway at least once a month. We both have the tendency to work through the weekend, so it’s important that we set aside time to explore new areas and spend quality time together.


Affordable Lace-Up Shoes for Summer

For the past year, I’ve been lusting over a pair of $400 shoes. Every few months, I’ll look them up online and consider add them to my shopping cart; however, I can never click the order button. They’re absolutely beautiful shoes, but I always think about the long list of things that I could do with $400.


From Sweaty to Sassy: Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

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I’ve always had a reputation for being a busy bee. I’m notorious for overloading my agenda with back-to-back activities, so I’ve made a real effort over the past few years to lighten my schedule.



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My friends and I may not be heading to Coachella this year, but Stephanie, Michelle, and I didn’t want to miss out on all of the fun.


Pop of Pink: An Easy Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Stubbornness runs in my family, and I definitely inherited the gene. I’m fairly laid-back when it comes to most things, but once my stubborn switch turns on, it’s ON. Whether I’m working towards a business goal, hunting down a sold-out eyeshadow palette, or trying to find cheesecake in a small town at 1am, I won’t stop until I succeed at my mission.