How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like A Pro

 There’s nothing better than walking out of a salon with freshly blown out hair. For years I tried to imitate my hair stylist’s signature blow dry techniques, but I always ended up with poofy, messy locks and a round brush stuck in my hair. Thankfully after hearing my hair horror stories, my stylist took pity on […]


Holiday Moments of Chic

Winter in Florida is completely unpredictable. You could easily be lounging by the pool in your tiniest bikini on Monday and shivering in your thickest sweater by Tuesday. Just to clarify, “shivering in your thickest sweater” weather starts once the temperature drops below 65 degrees according to Floridians. Seriously, we can’t handle the cold. On cool […]


Add Showstopping Sparkle to Your Holiday Look

 As a former ballerina and lifelong girly girl, I want to add a little sparkle to every aspect of my life. Whether I’m decorating my home for holiday parties or shopping for new shoes, I am always drawn to the shiniest designs. As you might imagine, my closet features a rainbow of sequins, glitter, and rhinestones aka […]


Cute & Affordable Holiday Dresses

The holiday season is festive and fun, but let’s face it- it’s also really, really expensive. Between shopping for presents and planning parties, it’s incredibly easy to exceed your holiday budget. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for new sales and opportunities to save money on my holiday shopping. I like to browse through the […]


Party Perfect Curls for The Holidays

I’m one of those girls who is constantly working on about a dozen things at once. For example, this weekend I had to attend a last minute holiday party with my husband, and I needed to finish a blog post, throw together an outfit, wrap a gift for the hostess, and finish my hair and […]


Classy and Chic Christmas Gift Ideas with Boden

1. Skye Scarf  | 2. Ballerina Flat  | 3. Embellished Spot Dress | 4. Spectacular Heel  5. Printed Tea Towels  | 6. Coin Purse  | 7. Draycott Bag  | 8. Mary Jane 9. Westminster Glove | 10. Stone Necklace  | 11. Umbrella  |12. Printed Scarf  | 13. Boho Boot  I’m always on the lookout for fashion-forward gifts for my friends and family members; however, oftentimes it’s hard to find items that are modern without being too trendy and affordable without being tacky and/or cheaply-made. Thankfully, […]