The Best Planners for 2018

True story: I’m a messy person. No matter how good my intentions may be, there will always be clothes on the floor in my closet and straw wrappers in my car. While I may have always been a messy person, I was always impeccably organized in the academic and professional aspects of my life. I used a planner and Google Calendar and iPhone alarms and a daily and weekly to-do list… and then I got pregnant.

As soon as the morning sickness set in during my first trimester of pregnancy last January, all organization went out the window. My pristine business records went out the window, and my formerly extreme planner habit ceased to exist. Now that my little bébé and I are finally getting on a somewhat normal schedule, I am determined to get organized – for good. 

In my opinion, the first step to getting organized is finding the right method of planning for your life and/or business. For me, that has always been a combination of a paper planner and digital organization system. I’ll be sharing my favorite organizational apps in a future post, but today’s post is reserved for my absolute favorite aspect of planning – purchasing a planner and cute accessories. I’ve rounded up the best planners for 2018 along with a few of my favorite office organization essentials, and I’ll be sharing which planner that I’m using to get my life and business back on track in the new year. 

The Cutest Planners for 2018

1. Day Designer Daily Planner in Black Spotty Print (also available in a smaller size and directly from the Day Designer website): After much trial and error throughout the years, I have determined that the Day Designer agenda is the perfect fit for me. For the past few years, I’ve alternated between the Lilly Pulitzer agendas and the Day Designer for Target collection, but I am always drawn back to the Day Designer system. 

I like that it offers clear sections for your hourly tasks, a daily to-do list, high-priority items, daily gratitude, and inspirational quotes. The layout just makes sense to my brain, and the large daily pages gives lots of room for my large handwriting and over-detailed notes. This year, I upgraded from the Target version to the hardcover version, and I couldn’t be happier. The agenda is gorgeous, and I’ve loved getting back to my daily planning routine. BTW, I chose this design!

2. Inspirational Pen Set: If these pens don’t make you want to write in your planner, I’m not sure what will. SO cute.

3. 2018 Metallic Gold Desk Calendar: Throughout the month, I’m constantly referencing my planner or phone for future dates, so this year, I’ve decided to also invest in a desk calendar for quick and easy reference. This metallic gold calendar couldn’t be more elegant. 

4. Fabric File Box: While many of my files are digital, I like to keep my tax documents, check stubs, and invoices in paper format. This fabric file box is perfect for keeping all of my file folders in one place. 

5. Day Designer Daily Planner in Palm Print (also available in a smaller size and directly from the Day Designer website): My favorite planner in a fun palm leaf pattern. This print was in my top 3!

6. Marble Stapler: You need a stapler for your office, so why not pick a cute one? This gold and marble version makes me swoon. That’s right- I’m swooning over a stapler, and you will too.  

7. Day Designer Daily Planner in Desk Bliss Print: I nearly bought this version of the Day Designer. The colorful desk accessories are just so adorable. 

8. Office Supply Kit: It’s hard to not want to get organized when you have office supplies that are this beautiful. 

9. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens (also available in a bright colors): My all-time favorite pens. I’ve been using these pens for years because they have a wonderful flow and are so comfortable to write with. I prefer a bold print, so I opt for the 10 aka Bold size, but this pen is also available in normal and thin points. I buy them by the dozen!

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10. Kate Spade Large 17-Month Agenda (available in 3 prints): I’ve heard so many great things about Kate Spade agendas over the year. They’re beautiful and functional. 

11. Diamond Pens: Do you need a diamond pen to be organized? No. Will it make you more motivated to write in your planner? You betcha.

12. Gold Planner Stickers: I love using fun stickers like this metallic gold set to highlight important events and deadlines. In addition to making my planner look better, these stickers help important notes pop out on the page. 

13. Gold Mini Desk Calendar: Another gorgeous desk calendar. I’m almost 100% positive I’ll be buying this affordable calendar for my office this year. 

14. Kikki K Leather Personal Planner: If this planner came in an even bigger size, I would 100% buy it. The design is STUNNING. 

15. Like A Boss Gold Pen: How do you plan? Like a boss! 

16. Pretty Things Dish: I like using small jewelry dishes to keep my office organized. I use them to store everything from memory cards to paper clips. 

17. Black Journal with Gold Bow: I always, always, always keep a blank notebook with me. While I use my planner to keep track of daily to-dos, I use my notebook to flesh out ideas and go in-depth with specific tasks. 

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19. Rifle Paper Co Planner: Just realized I skipped a number. Oops! I will always have a soft spot for Rifle Paper Co. Their headquarter office is in my stomping grounds – Winter Park, Florida, and their design aesthetic is just so gorgeous. If you’re looking for a classic and high-quality hardcover agenda, this planner is perfect for you. 

20. Marble and Gold Dry Erase Board: Dry erase boards are perfect for brainstorming, last-minute reminders, and daily to-do lists. I love that this version has a marble and gold design instead of a typical white board.

21. Gold Foil Washi Tape: Washi tape is seriously my favorite thing for planning. I use washi tape to color code, show timelines of trips, and of course, just to be cute. 

22. Get on My Level Agenda: This agenda is straight to the point – from the cover to the layout. It has everything you need to create an organized day.

23. Rose Gold iPhone Stand: Ok, this phone stand may not seem like a necessity, but it really is. I allows you to keep your phone charging within sight, but it keeps your hands off your phone. Plus, it looks pretty on your desk. I bought one for myself for Christmas, and it’s been one of my favorite additions to my office. 

24. Bowtiful Ballpoint Pen: Sometimes you just need a fancy pen to feel like a boss. 

25. My Infinite Agenda: I’m kinda in love with this planner. In addition to helping you organized your schedule, the Infinite Agenda offers guided prompts to help you fine tune and accomplish your goals in 2018.

26. Kikki.K Sticker Book: Cute stickers make planning more fun, and if you’re having fun, you’re much more likely to be consistent with your planning routine. I love using stickers to make important events and work deadlines stand out in my planner. 

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27. The Happiness 100-Day Planner: If you need help prioritizing your life’s daily tasks and focusing on your well-being and personal goals, this planner is pretty incredible. Through guided prompts, it helps you focus on the things that will truly make an impact on your life. Plus, it’s undated, so you can start planning at anytime throughout the year.  

28. Rifle Paper Co. Desktop Weekly Planner Desk Pad: Since I am an inherently scatter-brained person, I have to ensure that I have no way of forgetting deadlines or getting distracted throughout the day. I use my main planner as a home base, set back-up reminders in my phone, and write a summary of each day’s schedule on a weekly planning pad. It helps me see my main goals for the week in one spot. 

29. Emily Ley Bookmarking Bundle: Emily Ley makes gorgeous planners, but unfortunately, they’re sold out at the moment.  Since you can’t buy one of her planners, you should buy this cute accessory pack for your planner. I mean, heart paper clips? Yes, please!

30. Gold Glitter Bow Planner Clip (available in a variety of colors and patterns): I fully intend on buying half a dozen of these fun bow planner clips to bookmark my current spot in my planner. They’re extremely affordable and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns. 

31. Brit + Co Magnetic Bookmarks: Magnetic bookmarks are another great way to keep track of your current spot in your planner. 

32. Today Is The Day Notepad: Whether you’re a more minimal planner or just tend to go overboard with planning like me, this amazing notepad will help you organize your day’s schedule in minutes. 

33. Brit + Co Washi Tape 3ct : Love the design of this washi tape.

34. Gigi New York Daily Journal (available in a variety of colors and designs): Looking for a classically elegant way to manage your schedule? These planners from Gigi New York are beautiful enough to be a fashion accessory, and they’re currently 50% off!

35. Productivity Planner: I am so tempted to buy this planner in addition to my other planners. It organizes your schedule by priority, so you can stay focused on the things that really matter.

36. Iced Coffee Planner Paper Clip: Because everyone needs a cute coffee paper clip for their planner. Right? 

37. Day Designer for Blue Sky 2018 Monthly Desk Pad Calendar: If you like to see the month at a glance, these monthly calendar are perfect to keep on your desk or on your office’s door.  

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And there you have it – the best planners for 2018. I’d love to know your planning routine. What’s your planner of choice?

This post includes affiliate links, which means that I make a commission if a purchase is made after clicking through a link. I value your trust and only recommend products and services that I truly love!


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    January 29, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    Excellent information. Thank you so much for all the links and details!

    • January 31, 2018 / 9:22 pm

      Thank you, Annette! I get unnecessarily excited when it comes to planners haha 🙂

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