How To Create A Hotel-Quality Bed At Home

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With a newborn baby in our home, my husband and I value every minute of sleep more than ever before. Leading up to our little girl’s arrival, we knew that we needed to make some big changes in our bedroom setup when we moved into our new home. We had neglected updating our bedroom decor for years in favor of purchasing new furniture for the front areas of our home, and our bed frame, bedding set, and mattress were way past their prime. In addition to looking shabby and worn-out, our bedroom set just wasn’t comfortable. My husband was tossing and turning throughout the night from discomfort, and I was overheating from our mattress nearly every night.

One weekend while I was pregnant, we had the chance to stay in a beautiful hotel and slept like babies in the fluffy white bed. We swore that as soon as we moved into our new house we would create a bedroom that was just as comfortable as our favorite hotels. I’m happy to say we now have the bed of our dreams, and my husband and I are both sleeping peacefully each night – even with a two-month old little girl sleeping our room! Today I’m sharing how to create a hotel quality bed at home – including the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on from Saatva!

How To Create A Hotel Quality Bed At Home

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, let’s chat about why beds at hotels are so dreamy in the first place. In my mind, I always imagine hotel beds to resemble something out of a decor magazine, but when I scroll through my travel photos from the past few years, I can see that almost every hotel had a simple white bed. The bed looked beautiful, but the decorative touches were minimal. The hotel chose every piece with comfort in mind, and after all, the feel of sinking into fluffy bedding and a comfortable mattress is far more luxurious than any swanky throw pillow could ever be!

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While our home may never look like a hotel, I’m happy to say that it still feels like we’re sleeping in a hotel every night because our bed is comfortable! I’m even happier to say that the process of creating a hotel-quality bed didn’t cost a fortune either. The trick is to spend money where it truly matters. 

Invest In A High-Quality Mattress

Without a doubt, the most important part of creating a hotel quality bed at home is to purchase a hotel-quality mattress. It won’t matter how soft your sheets are if you’re starting off with an uncomfortable mattress. Before you decide which mattress to buy, be sure to consult your significant other to determine what type of mattress suits your sleep preferences. Thankfully, my husband and I have similar likes and dislikes when it comes to mattress. We prefer semi-firm mattresses that don’t cause you to overheat, and we wanted to try out a spring mattress that had the feel of a hotel bed.

Once you have your preferences set, it’s time to go mattress shopping. Let me give you one huge tip: skip the mattress store. Seriously, brand name mattresses are outrageously overpriced by thousands of dollars, and the extravagant price tags do not reflect the quality of the mattress. My husband and I tried out ultra-expensive at a local mattress store just out of curiosity, and they weren’t even half as comfortable as the mattress we currently own that’s a small fraction of the price!

After looking at all of our options, the King Size Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm 14.5″ Height with 8.75″ Foundation was our top choice. Saatva kindly sent us a mattress to test out, but I can safely say that I would gladly pay for this mattress with my own money. In fact, I’m seriously considering purchasing one for our guest bedroom!

So what’s so great about our Saatva mattress? Well, everything. It’s outrageously comfortable, doesn’t cause me to overheat, and has ultra-premium features for a reasonable price. Saatva mattresses feature individually-wrapped comfort coils that respond and contour to your body’s shape throughout the night in addition to a layer of memory foam to reduce stress and tension in our lower back and relieve lumbar pressure.

In addition to these comfort features, the Saatva mattress also includes a euro pillow top that has more padding and cushioning than most mattress pillow tops, and the entire mattress is housed in a soft and organic cotton exterior. I’m normally the type of person who has to toss and turn 100x before finding a comfortable position to sleep in, but I literally just lay down and close my eyes on our new mattress. It’s so comfortable that I can sleep in any position and get a great night’s sleep – even when I was 9-months pregnant! 

Another thing that we loved about selecting our Saatva mattress was the ability to customize the mattress to our preference. There are three levels of firmness (Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm), so you can find the best fit for your sleep preferences. We chose the Luxury Firm level because it was described as the closest to a luxury hotel experience, and they were so right. This mattress (King Size Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm 14.5″ Height with 8.75″ Foundation) honestly feels more comfortable than even the swankiest hotel beds I’ve ever slept in!

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Even though we were absolutely blown away by the quality of our mattress, it’s nice to know that Saatva has an super-friendly return policy just in case. They offer a 120-day home trial, and if you choose to return the mattress, you’re only responsible for the original delivery charge. We also had a great experience with the customer service team. They’re extremely knowledgable and friendly, and delivery was incredibly quick. Plus, they brought the mattress up to our room and set up the bed for us! 

I realize that I’m gushing uncontrollably about a mattress, but trust me, when you find something that gives your entire family a great night’s sleep, you’ll be gushing too. My husband and I are obviously obsessed with our bed, but I’ve also already had two people tell me they’re going to buy one for their home after sitting on our bed! Seriously, it’s that comfy and cozy. If you’re looking for a mattress for your home that feels like it belongs in a hotel, check out the Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm.

No matter which mattress you choose, definitely invest the most money in your bed makeover on your mattress. Your body will thank you for it! With that being said, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg. Skip the brand names at the mattress store and head to Saatva’s website. They have mattresses that are just as good as the leading luxury mattresses, but their prices are way lower. That way, you’ll be able to afford to re-decorate your entire bedroom too!

I know mattresses are a big investment, so if you have any more questions about our experience with our Saatva mattress, feel free to leave a comment, send me a message on social media, or send me an email ( . I’m happy to answer any/all questions you may have. 

Choose Soft And Fluffy Bed Linens

Once you’ve found your dream mattress, it’s time to cover it with the softest and fluffiest bedding you can find. That dreamy feel of a hotel bed isn’t just the mattress – it’s the bedding too. While my husband and I wanted our bedroom to be a luxurious retreat from the stress of everyday life, we weren’t looking to spend an exorbitant amount of money on decor.

Bedding prices can be ridiculously high, and in my experience, you don’t always get what you pay for. Plus, we knew that we’d inevitably have spills and stains on our bedding with a tiny baby in the house. Our goal was to find bedding that looked and felt amazing but was affordable enough that it could be replaced if necessary. Thankfully, we found some amazing deals that helped us to create the coziest bed we’ve ever slept on.

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While you shop for cozy bedding, keep these tips in mind:

High thread counts don’t always matter. I always thought that the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets would be, but in my experience, that’s just not the case. I like to go with a mid-level thread count in high-quality material. I’ve purchased several sets of these these sheets, and I’ve never been disappointed. They’re very soft and extremely durable. Plus, they’re on sale at least half of the year!

Choose practical over pretty. As someone who loves a feminine aesthetic, it can be really difficult for me to think practically when it comes to household purchases. I’ve bought plenty of household items over the years just because they’re pretty, but without fail, those items always need to be replaced with more practical items. This time around, I knew that I wanted to buy bedding that would actually be put to good use. 

For me, that meant choosing a color scheme that my husband and I both liked, insisting on soft finishes on all of the items, and finding bedding that was easy to wash and dry. I love the look of duvets, but after buying and throwing away at least a dozen duvets, I knew that we needed a comforter. Thankfully, I found a gorgeous white pin tuck comforter that was just as pretty as a duvet but has the ease of use that comforters provide. I love that I can easily wash and dry this comforter in our home, and I love the low price tag even more. Plus, it’s so soft and fluffy, and it comes in 11 different colors

There’s no such things as too many pillows. It seems like our pillow collection grows larger each year, but it also always seems like we need more pillows. For reference, we have six regular-sized pillows in addition to five euro-sized pillows on our king-size bed (both all white and blue and white embroidered pillows). We don’t use all of the euro pillows each night, but they definitely come in handing for feeding the baby late at night or sitting up in the bed while we’re watching our favorite TV shows. While I don’t think that everyone needs almost a dozen pillows on their bed, I do believe that you need more than you think you do for practicality and aesthetics. More pillows = more fluffiness = more comfort. Trust me, stock up on pillows. You and your guests will thank me later!

Bedding Details: King Size Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm 14.5″ Height with 8.75″ Foundation c/o | Upholstered HeadboardPinched Pleat Comforter (available in 11 colors) | Sheet SetWhite Euro Throw PillowsWhite & Blue Embroidered Euro Throw Pillows | Barefoot Dreams King Size Blanket 

Invest in a cozy throw blanket. My husband and I are both major fans of cozy blankets, so we keep one in basically every room of the house. It’s so no secret that I have an undying love affair for anything and everything made by Barefoot Dreams, so it was inevitable that I would need to purchase their king size blanket. It is a pricey item, but it’s so soft and snuggly. It provides the just right amount of extra warmth on chilly nights, and I know that we’ll use it for years to come. Be sure to keep an eye out for this item during Nordstrom’s semi-annual sales. I picked one up during the Anniversary sale, and now I’m wishing that I bought a few more for presents!

No matter which bedding you ultimately choose, be sure to prioritize comfort over aesthetics. Even the fanciest hotels usually have plain-looking bedding, but you probably don’t even notice because you’re too busy snuggling or snoozing away in the comfy bed.

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When In Doubt, Choose An All-White Color Scheme

It’s really difficult for me to decorate our home. First of all, I am extremely fickle. I’ll fall in love with a trend and hate it a month later. Secondly, I’m just not that talented at interior design. I can see the vision in my head, but it’s hard for me to find the items that I need to accomplish that vision. Thankfully, there’s one trend that I love that’s timeless and easy to accomplish: all white.

After going through photos from previous vacation, I realized that almost every single hotel we’ve ever stayed at has had all-white bedding. It’s crisp, clean, and timeless. This light and airy look will instantly make your room look more spacious and welcoming, and everything you select will magically look great together. It’s a beginner home designer’s dream! If you’re searching for a bedding designer that’s hotel worthy, but you’re not sure how to coordinate colors or patterns, definitely consider going with an all-white aesthetic for your bedding.

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Bedding Details: King Size Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm 14.5″ Height with 8.75″ Foundation c/o | Upholstered HeadboardPinched Pleat Comforter (available in 11 colors) | Sheet SetWhite Euro Throw PillowsWhite & Blue Embroidered Euro Throw Pillows | Barefoot Dreams King Size Blanket | 5 Drawer Console Table (available in 2 colors) | Lamp Base Bubble Glass with Brass | White Lamp Shade Shell 

To keep things simple, I continued the light and airy color scheme throughout our entire room. Our house doesn’t have the best lighting, but the all-white decor really brightens up our master bedroom! We painted the walls with BEHR paint in Polar Bear in the Marquee formula because we were painting over dark green walls, and we finished the bed with this gorgeous khaki headboard. Upholstered headboards can get rather pricey, but this one was an absolute steal and shipped extremely quickly. To keep things simple, I went with white bedstands and glass lamps with white lamp shades

The all-white theme is anything but boring, and the monochromatic color scheme makes coordinating items extremely easy. We were able to find all of the items in our bedroom for such low prices, but I love how everything looks together!

Accessorize With Items That Are Cute And Functional

Details: 5 Drawer Console Table (available in 2 colors) | Lamp Base Bubble Glass with Brass | White Lamp Shade Shell |  Turtles All The Way Down Wilde Like Me | It 

Another thing that makes hotel rooms so amazing is their mix of design and functionality. Every item in the room is specifically placed to make your stay more convenient and enjoyable, and the same design concept should hold true in your bedroom. We chose wide bed stands with lots of storage to ensure that we’d be able to store all of our bedside necessities without having clutter everywhere. While we’re trying to keep our bed stands somewhat minimal and clutter-free, the items we did choose to decorate with are both cute and functional for the most part. For example, these books with pretty covers add color to the room and give me nighttime reading material. Plus, our quirky little golden turtle actually holds hair ties, phone charging cables, and lip balm. 

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Details: 5 Drawer Console Table (available in 2 colors) | White Pineapple Ceramic Cookie Jar | Lamp Base Bubble Glass with Brass | White Lamp Shade Shell | Willow Tree Thinking Of You Angel Wood Figurine | Whatever You Are, Be A Good One | Coco Chanel | Grace, Not Perfection | Love In The Time of Cholera

On the opposite side, we have a similar set up. Colorful books, a white pineapple jar that doubles as a storage device for charging cables, nail clippers, hair ties, etc, and a pretty hammered coper tray to hold my phone, lip balm, hand cream, and my treasured angel figurine that used to belong to my mother.  

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By incorporating items that are cute and functional into your bedroom decor, you’ll save space and eliminate clutter while maintaining a fun aesthetic in your space. 

Splurge On Classic Pieces, Save On Trendy Pieces

As you might’ve gathered already, I’m a big fan of investing in pieces that you know you’ll love for years to come and saving on trendy items that you’ll only use for a season or two. If you can only splurge on a few items, I’d recommend investing in a fantastic mattress, soft sheets, and the coziest throw blanket you can find! While your aesthetic preferences may change throughout the years, you’ll always have a need for these classic items. After you’ve invested in a few core pieces, head to a discount retailer to stock up on trendy throw pillows or cute home accessories. 

Photo by S&G Photography  | Outfit Details: White Cotton Eyelet Dress (on sale here, here, and here) | Grey Heathered Roll Neck Sweater | Baker Eye Glasses | Light Blue Poplin Shirt | 9″ Cotton Shorts in Cove BlueWhite Baby Short Sleeve Bodysuit 

We are completely obsessed with the setup of our bed, and we feel like we’re sleeping in a luxury hotel each night. I can’t wait to share the rest of our bedroom with you as we finish the design! I hope that the tips in today’s post help you to create a hotel quality bed in your home. Having a relaxing oasis to retreat to each day is such a treat after a long day at work!

Details from Today’s Post

Mattress: King Size Saatva Mattress in Luxury Firm 14.5″ Height with 8.75″ Foundation c/o
Headboard: Upholstered Wingback Headboard
Bedding: Pinched Pleat Comforter Set (available in 11 colors) | Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Heathered Throw Blanket500-Thread Count Sheet SetWhite Euro PillowsWhite & Blue Embroidered Euro Throw Pillows 
Wall Paint: Behr Marquee Paint in Polar Bear 
Bedstands: 5-Drawer Console Table (available in 2 colors)
Lamps: Lamp Base Bubble Glass with Brass | White Lamp Shade Shell 
Accessories: Willow Tree Thinking Of You Angel Wood Figurine | White Pineapple Ceramic Cookie Jar

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Thanks to Saatva for providing our mattress in exchange for an honest review. I would gladly purchase a mattress from them in the future! All other items were purchased with my own money. All links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links, which means that I make a commission when a sale is made after clicking through the link. As always, I value you your trust and only recommend products and brands that I truly love. Thank you for your support!