5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Pregnant

My husband and I talked about having a baby for years before I got pregnant. We’d talk about the type of parents we wanted to be, the dreams we had for our children, and of course, what we thought my pregnancy might be like. After years of talking about our future children, I was thrilled to find out that I was pregnant last winter. I cried tears of joy the second I found out the good news, and then I quickly realized I had a lot to learn in a very short amount of time.

I wanted to be prepared for pregnancy and my upcoming motherhood, so I devoured every maternity and parenting book, podcast, and video I could find. I asked any family member and friend with children about a million questions, and I prayed daily for wisdom and guidance throughout my journey into motherhood. Despite all of my research, I still learned so many things during my pregnancy. Like all great adventures in life, sometimes you just have to experience something for yourself to truly understand what it’s all about. Today I’m sharing five things I wish I knew before I got pregnant, so that all of the future mamas-to-be can learn from my mistakes!

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Pregnant

Pregnancy really is different for everyone. 

My mother had two difficult pregnancies, and I’d always assumed that I’d have the same experience. When I was younger and thought about getting pregnant in the future, I’d worry incessantly about how sick I might become. I was always a rather anxious person when it came to medical procedures, and I was terrified that I might not be brave enough to get through my future pregnancy. I wish I could go back and tell myself how wrong I was. Each pregnancy is unique to itself, so there is no use worrying about what might happen. And even if scary things happen during your pregnancy, you will be strong enough to deal with them as they come.

While I spent years worrying I’d have a difficult pregnancy like my mom, I ended up having an easy breezy pregnancy. In fact, my OB-GYN described my pregnancy as “delightfully boring.” I didn’t have any of the negative symptoms that she had, and I honestly enjoyed every moment of being pregnant other than the infamous first trimester nausea. With that being said, I now know that my future pregnancies may not be anything like my first. 

No matter how many moms you speak to, you’ll almost never hear an identical pregnancy story because they’re all different. I didn’t experience half of the symptoms outlined in pregnancy books, but I also had symptoms that my relatives never had to deal with. And even though my first pregnancy was rather idyllic, I may or may not have the same experience in the future. Please don’t worry about what your future pregnancy story may look like. Focus on getting physically and emotionally ready for adding a new life to your family, and everything else will work itself out!

Understanding the process makes it less scary.

I’ve always been someone who’s rather anxious about medical procedures. For example, despite being absolutely thrilled about my four positive home pregnancy tests, I literally almost had a panic attack before getting my pregnancy confirmed with a blood test. I was terrified of having my blood drawn, and I had to get my husband to force me into the room because I knew that I’d chicken out if I went to the office by myself. I remember thinking that if I was that scared by a little needle and a tourniquet, I would never make it through childbirth. I knew that I had to get over my silly anxieties quickly because I needed to be strong and brave for my daughter.

Instead of worrying about possible pregnancy complications, medical tests, or labor and delivery, I spent my time doing research and asking questions. The more I learned, the less scared that I was. In fact, as my knowledge grew, my anxiety was replaced with wonder and awe. I learned to see pregnancy and delivery as an amazing process instead of a scary event, and I quickly began to enjoy my time at the doctor’s office and hospital instead of dreading my appointments. 

If you’re worried about any of the aspects of pregnancy, labor, or delivery, I encourage you to ask your doctor every question you can think of and do a ton of research. When you understand what’s going to happen and why it’s happening, it’s so much easier to sit back and enjoy the process instead of worrying about each new symptom. 

You need to prioritize your health and wellness above everything else. 

While I knew that I needed to stay healthy throughout my pregnancy, I didn’t realize the extent to which I’d needed to change my lifestyle. Your little one needs your body to be at the top of its game, so it’s incredibly important to get enough sleep, eat the right foods, and maintain your mental health. I always thought it would be easy to give up things when I got pregnant, but I truly had to make an effort every day to develop healthy habits. I wish that I’d started developing these habits before I was pregnant, so that I could’ve had an easier transition into pregnancy and to ensure that my baby was receiving all of the benefits from the very beginning.

Your body is working in overdrive while you’re pregnant, so you’ll need to increase the amount of hours you sleep each night and, eventually, the amount of calories that you consume each day. You’ll want to ensure your body is receiving the proper amount of folic acid, iodine, vitamin D, and calcium, so be sure to start taking your prenatal vitamins and supplements the second you think you want to get pregnant. I was at least four weeks pregnant when I learned that I was expecting, and I immediately started worrying that I might not have been taking in the right amount of these nutrients during that time frame. Learn from my mistakes and pick up a bottle of the right supplements sooner rather than later!

Even if you’re taking a prenatal vitamin, you’ll still want to take nutritional supplements for different essential nutrients such as calcium. I didn’t know much about the importance of calcium and pregnancy before I got pregnant, and I’m so glad my doctor informed me of the need for supplementation. Most prenatal vitamins only contain 20-30% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, and your baby needs calcium each day to develop strong teeth and bones along with healthy muscles and heart function. If your diet doesn’t contain the right amount of calcium (1,000 mg a day for most women), your body will take calcium from your bones to aid in the baby’s development, which means that you’ll be at an increased risk for osteoporosis later in life.

I’ve taken Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews off and on for years to ensure that I get the right amount of calcium in my diet, and they’re the perfect way to take in 1,000 mg of calcium along with 500 IU of Vitamin D while you’re pregnant and breastfeeding. I personally think that Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews are the best calcium supplement on the market because they contain half the sugar and half the calories of the leading gummy calcium supplement, and they’re available in delicious milk chocolate and caramel flavors. I’m taking two Viactive Calcium Soft Chews in the milk chocolate flavor each day to ensure that I’m getting the proper amount of calcium each day along with vitamins D and K to help my body absorb the calcium properly. This simple daily step only takes seconds, and it helps me to prevent calcium deficiency now that I’ve reached this new exciting stage.. As always, be sure to consult with your doctor before adding any supplements to your diet – especially if you’re trying to conceive or are currently pregnant or breastfeeding. You can learn more about calcium needs during pregnancy here and learn where to buy Viactiv here.

You will want to do it all again the second you meet your baby. 

While I can’t predict the challenges you face may during your pregnancy, labor, or delivery, I do know one thing for certain. You’ll be willing to do it all over again the second that you see your sweet baby’s face. It’s hard for me to even think about the few difficulties that I faced during my pregnancy and delivery when I hold my baby girl in my arms. I only remember feeling her grow and move inside my body throughout the pregnancy and then meeting her for the first time. Pregnancy may be long and challenging, but the end goal is worth every moment of struggle and then some. 

If you’re a mama, I’d love to know what you wish you would’ve known before you got pregnant! Have you tried Viactiv Calcium Soft Chews to #BumpUpYourCalcium? If so, leave a comment below with your favorite flavor! For more information, check out #Viactiv on Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Annette Dupont
    October 14, 2017 / 7:12 pm

    What a great post. I’m 59 and was unable to have children. I’ve really enjoyed watching you through your pregnancy! Your Summer is one of the prettiest babys I’ve seen. Congratulations on your successful journey.