Simplifying My Shopping Routine

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I’ve only been a work-at-home mom for seven weeks, and I’m already exhausted. Don’t get me wrong. I love having the opportunity to spend every hour of the day with my little one by my side, but it’s been a challenge to just get the bare necessities accomplished each day. I know that I’m still new to the mommy game, so I’m aiming to slowly work my way towards my normal level of productivity over the next few months. Since I don’t want to sacrifice time with my baby girl, I’ve been looking for any and every way to simplify my life.

One of the first simplifications I made was to alter my shopping strategy. I used to make quick trips to the store each day to grab what we needed, but those quick trips aren’t so quick anymore. All of my shopping trips now require planning around my baby’s feeding schedule, prepping a diaper bag, and maneuvering a carseat or stroller inside the store. Needless to say, I’m a fan of any strategy that streamlines the shopping process.

My first step towards productivity? Purchasing a Sam’s Club membership. In addition to the awesome samples (c’mon, you know that’s your favorite part too), I love that I can buy large quantities of the items that I need at amazing low prices. One trip to Sam’s Club can get us stocked up for several weeks, which means I can spend more time crossing off the other items on my to-do list! While I love stocking up on all sorts of things at Sam’s Club, I’ve recently loved picking up some of our bath and body product necessities there. It’s a total game changer to be able to buy almost a year’s worth of my favorite bath products in one trip for an amazing price!

One of the products that we go through quickly is body wash. My husband and I have been using Caress body wash for the past year because we love the moisturizing formula, amazing fragrances, and the unbeatable price point. Even though I own a ridiculous amount of body products, it seems like we’re always out of body wash. Earlier this month, I decided to solve the problem, and I picked up the Caress Daily Silk Body Wash Value Pack when I was shopping at Sam’s Club. It’s contains three full-size bottles of my favorite Caress body wash with the Daily Silk fragrance (also available in the Evenly Gorgeous scent) for an extremely low price. This affordable body wash gift set has to be one of my best purchases of the season!

I tend to change my body wash fragrance with the season, but the Caress Daily Silk Body Wash is a scent that can be used year-round. I love the white peach and orange blossom overtones that are accented with notes of rose, iris, sandalwood, and musk. The scent is fragrant enough to gently linger throughout the day, but it’s not so strong that it will give you a headache or interfere with your perfume. Plus, the formula leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth without causing any dryness. Thanks to the value pack, we’re all stocked up in master and guest bedrooms, which means we’ll be smelling good all season long. Plus, I won’t need to buy any more body wash for months!

Since I picked up three bottles of my favorite body wash, it was only fair that I bought a value pack for my husband as well. I grabbed the AXE Black Daily Fragrance Body Spray value pack during the same trip to Sam’s Club because my husband had just run out of his cologne. First of all, the packaging on this product is fabulous. The cap twists to open, and it shoots a fine fragrance mist that packs a big punch. I thought my husband might like the AXE Black fragrance, which features bergamot, rosemary, and cedarwood to create an ultra-manly scent. The scent is extremely concentrated, so you only need the smallest amount to start smelling great.

This fragrance mist is extremely concentrated, so I knew that my husband realistically only needed one bottle for the next few months; however, I always like to have little items like this for stocking stuffers. Thanks to this value pack, I have stocking stuffers gifts for all of the men in my life, so I accomplished two tasks in one shopping trip. Score!

I love both of these sets from Sam’s Club so much that I will definitely be picking up a few additional varieties on my next visit. Since navigating a giant store with a 7-week-old baby isn’t the easiest task, I’ll definitely be using the Club Pick-Up option for my next Sam’s Club visit with my little one. With a few clicks of a button, I can order everything on my shopping list and simply pick it up at my local Sam’s Club store. I used the Club Pick-Up option to buy both of these gift sets, and it made my shopping trip such a breeze. 

And of course, I’ll also be making another trip back to Sam’s Club before hosting our holiday parties. Since I’ll probably want to look around each aisle for these trips, I’m planning on using the Scan & Go option for this trip. You simply scan each item as you place it in your cart, pay your bill on the app, and show your receipt as you walk out the store. That’s right, NO waiting in lines! Can you imagine how much time this feature will save during the busy holiday season?

Whether you’re a busy mom, a girl boss with a side hustle, or just a lady who doesn’t want to spend all day at the store, I couldn’t recommend the value packs at Sam’s Club more. They help you stock up on your favorite items for amazing prices, and the two new shopping features make buying them incredibly quick and easy. If you’re looking for a few brands to start off with, definitely check out the value packs from Caress and Axe. They’ll help your whole family smell great and feel good for a fabulous price!

What’s your #1 bath necessity? What’s your favorite thing to buy at Sam’s Club?

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  1. Annette
    October 27, 2017 / 6:52 pm

    I’ve been using the Caress body wash since your previous post about it. I got some to give my sister and niece for Christmas. It’s a great product! Thanks for telling us about it!!