Getting Back to Basics

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The former ballerina in me still has a soft spot for over-the-top styling. If I see sequins, glitter, bright colors, or bold prints, my heart starts fluttering, but I’ve gotten much better at resisting my theatrical urges over the past few years. As much as I love dramatic pieces, I just don’t wear them. I have too many tutu skirts and crazy shoes in my wardrobe that have been collecting dust for years, so now I stick to the basics.

Timeless and effortlessly chic wardrobe basics like a little black dress, a good pair of nude pumps, or simple rose gold bracelets can be worn each and every day, so you’re guaranteed to actually use the pieces that you invest in! Keep reading to see a few wardrobe basics that I’ll never be without and two cute maternity outfit ideas. By the way, all of the items shown are non-maternity, so they can be worn by anyone!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of dresses. They make styling your daily outfit a breeze and allow you to look put-together in only a few minutes. Since the weather is currently still in the 90s, I’ve been opting for lightweight sundresses mixed with simple jewelry and a classic pair of heels. I also always try to balance out the colors, silhouette, and accessories that I’m wearing to ensure that the combination isn’t too much when put together.

With this sundress, I couldn’t say no to the whimsical navy and white polka dot print, so I opted for a clean and minimal silhouette on the sundress to balance out the print. Similarly, I kept my over-the-top jewelry collection in storage and chose a few simple rose gold bracelets, nude earrings, tortoiseshell sunglasses, and a classic pair of nude pumps to finish the look. The great thing about these wardrobe basics is that you can mix and match them together and always get a great result!

While I never spend a lot of money on ultra-trendy pieces, always make an effort to invest in high-quality basic pieces when I know I’ll wear them for years to come – especially when it comes to shoes. As a former ballet dancer and soon-to-be mama, my feet just can’t take uncomfortable shoes anymore. That’s why I invest in shoe brands with amazing materials and construction and timeless designs. One of my favorite shoe brands is Marc Fisher LTD. Their casual luxe designs match every outfit in my wardrobe, and I’ve been let down by the quality, fit, or construction of the shoes. 

These effortlessly chic Marc Fisher LTD Zala Pumps from Zappos have the prettiest nude suede finish, and they’re ultra flattering on your feet. I’m not normally a fan of low heels, but the Zala pumps have a fun block heel that adds just enough sass to the classic shoe design. They’re such a perfect choice for days at at the office, outings with friends, or even date night with your special someone. If you’re looking for the perfect nude pumps, definitely check out the Marc Fisher Zala Pumps in Medium Nude Suede. I’d recommend ordering through Zappos to get free shipping and consider ordering a half size up if you have wider feet.

Another thing to consider when you’re purchasing classic wardrobe basics is to choose designs and colors that you can wear across seasons. I’m a huge fan of navy and white, so I know that I’ll never grow tired of this fun polka dot print. While the sundress style is distinctly made for summer, I can easily transition it for fall by wearing a cardigan or throwing a sweater over the dress. My nude shoes and muted accessories can be worn with almost every item in my closet, and there isn’t a month in the year where I’m not rocking tortoiseshell sunglasses. Think about which colors and patterns work for your lifestyle and stock up on items in these shades. Having a wardrobe full of coordinating clothing and accessories makes getting dressed a piece of cake!

Ok, so remember how I said you should stock up on pieces that you’ll wear a lot? Well, I took my own advice and ordered a second pair of the Marc Fisher LTD Zala Pumps from Zappos in Black Suede (true to size). They have been one of the only pair of heels that my pregnant feet can tolerate, and in my defense, I did need a new pair of black pumps. I just know that I’m going to wear them a ton during the fall and winter, but they’ve been equally perfect for casual dates with my husband this summer!

Wearing black from head to toe doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, when you’re wearing a monochromatic look, it’s easier to take risks with individual items because of the muted color palette. I wore this pleated black dress with tassels to dinner with husband the other night, and the lightweight material was just perfect for the summer heat. Combined with a fun pair of black sunglasses and my new black pumps, this look came together in no time. 

As much as I love all of the pieces in this outfit, my Marc Fisher LTD pumps definitely steal the show. The minimal and clean design couldn’t be more up my alley, and the black suede material is just so effortlessly chic. I swear I feel like I need to keep these shoes on display because they’re just so pretty! I assumed that these shoes would fit similarly to the nude suede version that I own (order half size up), but I’ve found that the black suede color runs true to size. Thankfully, Zappos has quick and easy free returns and quite possibly the world’s best customer service, so I got a replacement pair in my correct size in no time!

As I mentioned before, nothing beats being able to put together a fun outfit in less than five minutes, and it’s totally possible if you own the right items. I may not wear head to toe black very often, but I have a feeling that I will wearing this classic shade all the time throughout the fall and winter seasons!

No matter what type of clothing and accessories you consider to be classic wardrobe basics, I urge you to invest in pieces with timeless designs, quality construction, and most importantly, a style that makes you feel happy and confident! If you’re in need of a few new pairs of shoes, check out the new fall releases from Marc Fisher LTD at Zappos. I’m so close to ordering a pair of their famous wedges, and the over-the-knee boots are calling my name!

What are the most-worn items in your wardrobe? Do you invest in wardrobe basics each season?