How to Make Your Skin Look Flawless

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Let’s face it. It’s incredibly tempting to use a filter on all of our photos and videos. Who wouldn’t want all of their pores and wrinkles to vanish instantly, and of course, the flower crowns and glitter are pretty fabulous too. While it may not be possible to walk around with your favorite photo filter yet, today I’m sharing the next best thing. I’ve found a way to make your skin look flawless with minimal effort. The full routine only uses two products, and it won’t add any extra time to your makeup routine. Oh, and did I mention you’ll be left with flawless skin that won’t even need a filter? If you want to learn how to make your skin look flawless in minutes, check out today’s easy foundation routine tutorial!

How to Make Your Skin Look Flawless

I’ll get right to the point. The key to achieving flawless skin is using the right products. There are quite a few foundations on the market that will cover all of your flaws, but the high coverage comes at a price. Some products make your skin look like you’re wearing a mask, and others cover your discoloration but accentuate every fine line and wrinkle. In today’s easy makeup tutorial, I’ll be using two makeup products from jane iredale that will give you flawless skin without any of those nasty side effects. These products are incredibly high-quality, easy to use, and they’re filled with good-for-your-skin, cruelty-free ingredients.

Ok, let’s get started! The first step is to find your shade in jane iredale PurePressed Base® Mineral Foundation. The formula is extremely versatile, and the performance is out of this world. It can be used to achieve sheer or full coverage depending on the type of brush and application method you use, and it’s also a multi-tasking product that can be used as concealer or foundation. 

Plus, the formula includes sun protection and antioxidant skincare benefits to keep your skin looking great even when you’re not wearing makeup. I find it to be very long-lasting thanks to being water-resistant, and I can’t get enough of the lightweight but buildable finish. No matter your skin type, I honestly think you’re going to love this powder foundation. In today’s foundation routine tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use it as a light, medium, or full-coverage foundation, but you could easily layer this powder over your favorite liquid foundation as a flawless setting powder that provides extra coverage!

Now that you have your foundation sorted out, you’ll need to get your hands on a great brush. jane iredale‘s Handi™ brush is very soft, and it has the perfect bristles to evenly spread the foundation over your skin. You can also use this brush for bronzer and blush, so it’s a great item to add to your makeup collection.

The last product you’ll need for this flawless skin makeup tutorial is a fantastic setting spray. If you’ve never used a setting spray before, your life is about to change. Setting sprays lock in your makeup and remove the powdery finish that makeup can sometimes leave behind. In a nutshell, it makes your makeup look like your skin, and you need to use it after applying your makeup every day. It’s a serious game changer for your beauty routine! 

If you’re looking for a fabulous setting spray that will make your makeup look amazing, I highly recommend the jane iredale POMMISST™ Hydration Spray. This setting spray is basically perfect. The packaging produces an incredibly fine mist, and it magically hydrates your skin, smoothes your makeup, and leaves behind a delicious and fruity fragrance in one simple step. Plus, it’s infused with pomegranate extract, which provides a dose of antioxidants and UV protection to your skin. While this product works amazing over your makeup, I also love using it on days when I’m skipping makeup too just because it makes my skin feel so good!

jane iredale also offers hydration sprays in additional formulas. The D2O™ Hydration Spray is infused with ylang ylang to hydrate, plump, and calm your skin, and the BALANCE Hydration Spray includes orange essential oil, orange peel extract, grapefruit peel extract, and algae to calm your skin and provide valuable nutrients. It also includes 3% green tea extract to help with acne-prone skin. No matter which setting spray you choose to use, it will still work perfectly with this foundation routine! All of jane iredale‘s setting sprays are ECOCERT Natural and Organic certified and will provide a long-lasting and flawless finish to your makeup. 

Flawless Foundation Tutorial

Now that you know the key players in today’s look, let’s get started with the flawless foundation tutorial. Before you begin, I recommended using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to prep the skin, and you can also use your favorite primer to set a base for the foundation.

Next, simply swirl The Handi™ brush in the jane iredale 
PurePressed Base® Mineral Foundation, lightly tap off any excess product, and use even downward strokes to apply it across your entire face and neck. You’ll notice the product evening out your skin tone and smoothing your skin’s texture. 

As a final step, spritz your face with your favorite setting spray like the POMMISST™ Hydration Spray, and then allow the mist to dry completely. This two-step process will give your skin a light coverage that’s naturally beautiful, but you can easily achieve a higher level of coverage by repeating this process. 

Whether you’re hoping to achieve a natural look or a completely flawless finish, simply repeat this two-step foundation routine to create completely flawless skin. As you can see in the photos above, layering the foundation simply produces a higher level of coverage – not cakey skin. I’ve routinely used two to three layers of powder foundation and setting spray, and it has never looked like a makeup mask! In fact, I’ve had quite a few people at the store ask me what skincare products I’m using instead of asking about my foundation, and that’s exactly the results I want from my makeup. I want to look like I have flawless skin with pretty makeup instead of flawless makeup that’s covering up my skin. 

Flawless Foundation Routine Video Tutorial

If you want to see this miracle duo in action, click the play button to watch my flawless foundation routine in video format. You’ll be able to see my skin transformed in real time and notice the difference in coverage between the first, second, and third applications of both products. Whether you’re looking for a natural look for everyday wear or a full-on glam and full-coverage finish, this easy makeup tutorial is guaranteed to give you great results. 

If you’d like to achieve a full-coverage effect in less steps, you can use the jane iredale Flocked Sponge to provide extra coverage with minimal effort. 

This sponge also allows you to use the jane iredale PurePressed Base® Mineral Foundation as a concealer on areas that need an extra dose of coverage. 

The other brilliant thing about this powder foundation and setting spray combo is that the rest of your makeup will layer beautifully over these products. With some foundations, my bronzer and blush can cling in all the wrong places and create a muddy finish, but this jane iredale combo honestly leaves the perfect base for the remainder of your makeup routine. You will definitely notice the jane iredale difference!

In addition to having an amazing formula, all of the jane iredale products come in stunning packaging. The jane iredale PurePressed Base® is housed in gorgeous metallic rose gold packaging, and the refillable compacts allow you to swap out shades with the season. For reference, I’m wearing the jane iredale PurePressed® Base in Warm Silk in today’s post, but I’ll definitely be purchasing a few lighter winter shades to wear later this year.

If you’d like to purchase any of the products featured in today’s post, you can get fast and free shipping at In addition to receiving high-quality makeup that’s guaranteed to perform, I think you’ll love the skin-friendly ingredients infused into each and every product. jane iredale is THE SKINCARE MAKEUP™, so they make it a priority to have each product benefit your skin – not just hide flaws. 

Now that you’ve learned how to make your skin look flawless in only two easy steps, I’d love to know your favorite makeup tips. Be sure to leave a comment with your all-time favorite makeup products along with any tricks you use to achieve a flawless look.

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