10 Quotes That Every Girl Boss Needs to Hear

Even the most successful girl bosses need an extra dose of inspiration every now and then. Whether you’re fighting feelings of inadequacy or simply lack the motivation to make your next move, today’s post is for you. I’ve rounded up ten inspiring quotes that will make you want to get out there and make your dreams happen. Be sure to bookmark this post, so that the best girl boss quotes will always be within reach when you’re having a bad day!

The 10 Best Girl Boss Quotes

It’s easy to think that our heroes became successful overnight, but most success stories begin with consistent hard work and persistence. We only see the one attempt that proved to be successful, and the hundreds or even thousands of failed attempts are hidden. If you truly want to achieve your goal, you’re going to need to do the work consistently. NFL players don’t become stellar athletes from occasionally playing football. They train each and every day. Doctors don’t magically gain a vast amount of medical knowledge overnight. They go to school for nearly a decade and then continue to study and practice their craft on a daily basis. The same principles apply to any goal. Put in continual and consistent effort, and you’ll see results!

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Sophia Amoruso tells it like it is. Business is not fair. It just isn’t. You’ll have people hate you and/or your ideas for no reason at all. Your pitch will be denied because the decision maker had a bad day. Projects that you’d be perfect for will be cancelled for no reason, and ideas that seem like surefire successes will tank. It’s not pretty, and it’s not always fair… but it’s how business works.

Take Sophia’s words to heart. Don’t give up because your big break could be right around the corner. You may just need the few extra days/weeks/years of practice to get there. Don’t take anything personally because most of the time, a “no” doesn’t have much to do with you. Don’t take no for an answer because there’s a “yes” in there somewhere. Use what they don’t like about your idea to pitch them something else that will be a yes. 

Books by Sophia Amoruso: #Girlboss and its coordinating workbook

Our thoughts are powerful because they control our actions. If you’re thinking about new ideas and ways to succeed, you’re going to be much more likely to actually go out and act on those ideas. If you spend your time making excuses and fearing what could happen, you’re not going to move or take any action. You’re simply going to stay frozen in fear. As Oprah reminds us, we become what we dwell on, so purposely focus your thoughts on positive things.

Books by Oprah Winfrey: What I Know for Sure

Tory Burch is the ultimate girl boss of the fashion sector, and her words are straight-forward and basically perfect. Life and business have bumpy roads filled with all sorts of detours and potholes. It’s just the price you have to pay for your dream. Buckle in, know that it’s going to be a wild ride, and get ready for a crazy adventure. If you can mentally prepare yourself for the hard work and up and downs along the way to success, you are so much more likely to continue working when others with similar goals quit. 

When I first started learning about photography, I was shocked to see the difference proper lighting makes. If I’m in the right lighting, my wrinkles disappear and five years of aging magically vanishes from my face and body; however, if I’m in poor lighting, I instantly look old, tired, and pasty. Note that nothing changes about me or my appearance; it’s solely a difference in how my skin is lit.

The same concept holds true in business. Your current work environment or career path may not be the most flattering position for your skill set. Take the time to see how and where you shine, and once you find that magical, perfectly lit spot, stay there and work your magic!

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Boy, do I love Dolly Parton. Like Dolly, I have a hard time listening to people complain about their lives. No, not everyone is dealt a fair hand. Yes, some people have it far worse than others. Yes, there are life challenges that will knock you off your feet and push you ten steps back on the road to fulfillment. With that being said, everyone has a chance to change their life.

If you aren’t happy with your current life, there is something that you can change today. Maybe it’s putting a dollar in your savings account, or maybe it’s giving your mom a call and telling her that you love her. It might be reading a book to help you learn about your business or listening to a podcast to learn a new skill. Whatever goals you may have, do something to move toward your goal every single day. You can change the road you are on, and it starts with taking one step in a different direction.

Books by Dolly Parton: Dream More: Celebrate The Dreamer in You and more

In life and in business, it’s important to resist the urge to ask for more for yourself and intentionally give something to others. Generosity will help you tremendously in both your personal and professional life, so remember to take your mind off the “me” track every once in a while and consciously donate your time, talent, and heart. In my opinion, the more you give, the more you receive. What you receive may or may not be monetary rewards or worldly gains, but you will absolutely gain personal satisfaction and life lessons. So many people helped you get to where you are now, so return the favor and give back! When you approach life with a generous heart, you’ll surprised at how the world will open up to you.

Books by Maya Angelou: Letter to My DaughterI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Mom & Me & Mom, And Still I Rise: A Book of Poemsand more.

All you need is one yes, and every single no you receive is leading you one step closer to it. When you finally get the “yes” you’ve always wanted, you’ll be able to see why you were told no in the past. You’ll see the opportunities that weren’t a good fit along with the times where you just weren’t ready. You’ll see the path that lead you straight to achieving your ultimate goal, and yes, you’ll be happy that your previous goals didn’t work out.

Remember that every single overnight success story was proceeded by hundreds of failures. Once you make it, no one will remember or even realized how many failed attempts lead to your success.

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All great rewards start with taking a risk, but like Beyoncé, I’m not a big gambler. Huge risks aren’t my specialty. If I could research every single possibility of every single risk I take, I would; however, there isn’t time for that in life or in business. Yes, you should absolutely do your homework on any/all important decisions, but at the end of the day, you can’t control all of the random things that might occur.

With that being said, you can control yourself. Bet on yourself and make the risk turn into a reward. Do everything in your power to make your goal a reality Knowing that you are the key to making something work can be terrifying, but it can also be incredibly motivating. 

Have you ever noticed that when you get a new car, you suddenly start seeing that car everywhere? Did the popularity of that car quadruple overnight? Nope, you just have that car on your mind, so you’re noticing it more often that you previously did. The same concept holds true for most things in life. If you focus on everything that’s going wrong in your life, you will see every negative event everywhere. You’ll start thinking more negative thoughts, and you’ll unconsciously start behaving in ways that make more of those negative things happen to you. This concept isn’t some woo-woo theory; it’s fact. 

On the flip side, when you start focusing on what’s going right, your life will get a lot sunnier! Does remaining positive mean that you should ignore the negative things in your life? Absolutely not! It simply means that you need to re-think how you’re processing each event. Reframe everything from a place of gratitude, and you’ll instantly start seeing your mood shift. While it’s not magic, you’ll feel like more positive things are magically happening to you. The truth? Good things are always happening; you just have to look for them.

Books by Sophia Amoruso: #Girlboss and its coordinating workbook

Now that you’ve read ten of the best girl boss quotes, I’d love to know who and what motivates you. Is there a particular public figure, author, or mentor that always gets you fired up? Maybe there’s a book that speaks to your soul, or a podcast that’s opened your mind to new possibilities. Whatever inspires you, I want to hear about it! Please leave a comment below with your favorite sources of inspiration, and if you enjoyed today’s post, please share it on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest!

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