The Best Pool Floats EVER

Yep, you read the title correctly. Spring Break is officially right around the corner, and the winter blues will soon be replaced by spring sunshine. And sunny days mean it’s time for pool party season. Today I’m sharing the best pool floats for your pool party, Spring Break vacation, or summer beach trips including everything from rainbows to unicorns to cacti. Keep reading to see the best pool floats for spring break and summer – all with free shipping!

The Best Pool Floats For Spring Break & Summer Vacation

1. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Cactus Float 
2. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Rainbow Float 
3. Gift Boutique Giant Inflatable Tootsie Roll Pool Float 
4. SunnyLife Inflatable Watermelon (baby-sized watermelon pool float available here)
5. Gift Boutique Inflatable Unicorn Float 
6. Inflatable Beverly Stripe Giant Float 
7. Gift Boutique Inflatable Mermaid Tail Pool Float 
8. Gift Boutique Inflatable Two Hearts Are Better Than One Pool Float 
9. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Pineapple Float – currently 40% off! (matching inflatable drink holder available for 40% off! or gold version available here)
10. Gift Boutique Inflatable Giant Strawberry Donut Pool Float (also available in a chocolate and purple version  + matching inflatable donut drink holders)
11. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Rose Gold Flamingo Float (baby-sized flamingo pool float available here)
12. Gift Boutique Inflatable Peace Sign Pool Float 
13. Gift Boutique Inflatable Giant Smarties Pool Float 
14. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Lie On Banana Float 
15. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Lie On Lobster Float 
16. Gift Boutique Inflatable Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float 
17. Gift Boutique Inflatable Waving American Flag Pool Float 
18. Gift Boutique Inflatable Margarita Pool Float 

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19. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Twin Round Banana Palm Float 
20. Gift Boutique Inflatable Peacock Pool Float 
21. SunnyLife Inflatable Duck Pool Float 
22Sunnylife “Cactoss” Cactus Inflatable Ring Toss Game
23. Inflatable Avocado Pool Float 
24. Gift Boutique Inflatable Watermelon Pool Float 
25. Gift Boutique Giant Inflatable Ice Pop Pool Float 
26. SunnyLife Inflatable Swan (also available in gold and baby-sized versions)
27. Big Mouth Inflatable Giant Seashell Pool Float 
28. Big Mouth Inflatable Giant Bling Ring Pool Float (matching inflatable diamond ring drink holders available here)
29. Intex Ice Cream Cone, Inflatable Pool Float 
30. Swimline Inflatable Giant Pretzel Swim Fun Inflatable Floating Seat 
31. SunnyLife Luxe Inflatable Toucan Float (kid-sized toucan float available here)
32. Inflatable Heart of Gold Pool Float 
33. SunnyLife Inflatable Flamingo Pool Float (baby-sized flamingo pool float available here)
34. Gift Boutique Giant Pineapple Pool Float: If you’re looking for even more pineapple items, check out my round-up of the best pineapple home decor, office, and gift items here.
35. Gift Boutique Giant Popcorn Pool Float 
36. SunnyLife Inflatable Moby Dick Raft: You can also buy a matching whale sprinkler!
37. SunnyLife Inflatable Ride-On Banana Float 

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After searching the internet for the best pool floats, I’m fairly certain that I’ll be adding at least a few of these items to my Spring Break shopping list. Last year, I bought unicorn, pineapple, and donut pool floats, and I think that the cactus and rainbow pool floats need to join the pool party crew this year – especially when I can grab them for a great price with free shipping. For even more pool floats, check out this post

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Are you a fan of pool floats? What’s your favorite pool float on the list?

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